The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, "the anti-amusement park," opens Oct. 2nd

POSTERThere is something inherently eerie about “haunted hayrides.” Unlike your usual Halloween attraction, a maze where you walk through at your own pace, hayrides have you at their mercy – there is no way to turn around and hide, or run ahead of the scares. Common in New England, hayrides have been almost entirely absent from Southern California… until this October, when the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride begins its rides along 588 acres of woods in Calabasas known as “Gillette Ranch.”

Per the press release, the hayride will “send a tingle down the spines of Angelinos who aren’t used to being in the woods at night.  And let’s face it, not many in Los Angeles can remember the last time they were in the woods.”

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride will be a twenty-minute ride from start to finish down a trail comprised of 8 major scenes that are being referred to as “high octane” scares.  In addition, there will be numerous smaller scenes to fill in the gaps and a host of actors that are sure to be exactly where you WOULDN’T expect them.

Melissa Carbone, the hayride’s executive director, describes the experience as an “anti-amusement park,” that along with the 20 minute ride will also include the following additional activites:

  • “Ghost Stories” told around a campfire over s’mores and cider. Professional story tellers and celebrity guests will entertain with tales of urban legends, ghost stories, and classic scary yarns.
  • A “Haunted Carnival” with assorted activities from traditional rides for the ankle biters, face painting, a walk thru hay maze, and more.

In addition to promising to be heart attack inducing frightening, the hayride also promises to be “the first ‘eco-conscious’ Halloween Attraction in Los Angeles,” working in partnership with the Environmental Media Association, who will receive a portion of the proceeds.

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride will be open October 2nd and be open throughout the month. Tickets start at $20 for the hayride only. $5 off coupons for walk ups can be found at area Gelsons, and tickets pre-purchased online in September will receive a $2 discount. For more details on dates, pricing, and the ghosts you may encounter in the woods of Calabasa, visit

King Gillette Ranch, 26800 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas, CA 91302