Midnight screening of "The Entity," based on a true Culver City ghost story, this Saturday at the New Beverly

The Entity House is it stands today. (image courtesy Javier Ortega)

The Entity House is it stands today. (image courtesy Javier Ortega)

In 1974, Culver City suburbia, a single mother of four children, Doris Bither, reported that unseen forces  would frequently attack, and even rape her.  To help discover the cause of the violent phenomonon, she invited two psychiatrists with UCLA’s parapsychology lab to investigate. Understandably skeptical at first, both became true believers after witnessing balls of light appear on command, and even captured the paranormal evidence on camera.

This Saturday at midnight, less than 10 miles from the home where the spectral attacks occurred, the New Beverly Cinema will screen 1981’s “The Entity,” upon which the hauntings were based.

35 years later, the events that inspired “The Entity” are is still considered one of the most well documented ghost investigations ever, which makes it little wonder that 20th Century Fox is currently in development for a remake of the film. According to the horror blog Dread Central, Hideo Nakata, who helmed the original Japanese version of “The Ring,” is attached as director.

For more on the investigation, check out Javier Ortega’s Ghost Theory article, as well as a follow up post with one of Doris Bither’s sons who witnessed many of the events, and continues to insist that its all true.

“The Entity”
11:59pm, September 5th, $7 (cash only)
New Beverly Cinema, 7165 W. Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90036

Segment from the TV show “Sightings” on the Entity haunting:


The Entity house at 11547 Braddock Dr. in Culver City hasn’t had any reported supernatural activity since the Bithers moved away: