Disney's "Trick or Treat"

197879.1020.AThe greatest Halloween song ever comes from this hard to find 1952 Disney short starring Donald Duck, his nephews, Huey, Louie, and Dewey, and Witch Hazel (along with her broom, Beelzebub).

Two bits of unconfirmed trivia:

  • This is the first time trick or treating was ever portrayed on screen. (I’m skeptical of this – can anyone disprove?) via Wikipedia
  • The backup vocals are by Elvis backup singers “The Mellomen” whose voices can also be heard on the Haunted Mansion ride. via DisneyShorts.org

Note: This version was apparently taken from a German broadcast and includes subtitles – which isn’t nearly as cool as hearing Donald Duck barking in German, but it does allow you to learn a new way of saying “trick or treat.” Who knows if you’ll ever be caught in central Europe on a dark October night? “Anders and Far Hekseskud!”


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