Magnets de los Muertos Giveaway Winners: Read Their Horror Haiku

It is with great pride and ghoulish pleasure that I can now announce the winner of last month’s Magnets de los Muertos giveaway: Christina Y! I chose Christina’s entry, which I have affectionately dubbed “the Vampire Baby haiku,” because it manages to pack such vivid and disturbing imagery into a very small space. I also found it to be the most genuinely frightening of the entries, and thus the most deserving of the prize: A free set of Magnets de los Muertos’ macabre magnetic poetry. However, this contest wound up having more than one winner – find out why and read the winning entries after the jump.After settling on Christina’s piece as my personal favorite of the bunch – not an easy task, considering the uncommonly high quality level of the entries –  I realized something: It’s not a perfect haiku! Evocative and scary as it may be, it just doesn’t follow the standard 5/7/5 haiku structure. So I thought it would only be fair to choose a runner-up who did follow the proper structure, and that honor goes to Leigh-Anne, who crafted a zombie haiku that is absolutely true to its subject matter. And finally, just for fun, I included Jenny‘s creepy clown haiku, which deserves an honorable mention.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Magnets de los Muertos giveaway:

WINNER: Christina Y

A baby crib creaks
a tiny gnarled hand
grasps a bloody rattle



Zombie Haiku! They have a one track mind. ; )


I got me a van
And a love for the children
Must buy a clown suit