The "How Creepy Is Your L.A.?" quiz

For those of you who missed last Sunday’s “Haunted Speakeasy” (and shame on you if you did), here’s the 13 questions (plus a bonus one for extra credit) attendees were challenged with upon entry. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments, along with your own creepy LA trivia. I’ll post the answers on Friday.

1. What letter of the Hollywoodland sign did Peg Entwistle jump to her death from in 1923? __________

2. The crypt just above this legendary star is now on eBay with a starting bid of $500,000. __________

3. In 1976, the crew of “The Six Million Dollar Man” discovered what inside a Long Beach funhouse?
a. the only known complete print of the film, “London After Midnight.”
b. the mummified body of outlaw Elmer J. McCurdy
c. a replica of Walt Disney’s frozen head

4. On Charles Phoenix’s Disneyland tour of Downtown Los Angeles, what neighborhood does he compare to the Haunted Mansion? _________

5. The ghost of which classic horror star has been seen at bus bench at Hollywood and Vine? __________

6. A few minutes before sunset, partial apparitions of men and women dressed in Depression era clothing, including a girl in a white dress, appear near the center fountain of which Los Angeles garden:
a. L.A. County Arboretum
b. Huntington Gardens
c. Exposition Park Rose Garden

7. Orson Welles, who reportedly holds the record for eating the most hot dogs ever in one sitting at Pinks, has had his ghost spotted at what Melrose dessert shop? __________

8. The Manson Family murders at the Polanski/Tate residence occurred on, August 9th, 1969, which was also opening day for what Southern California amusement park ride? __________

9. At every stroke of midnight, a ghostly black carriage pulled by white horses, careens past the intersection of __________ & ___________, only hundreds of feet away from where Houdini’s ghost has been spotted.

10. True or False: a race of lizard people live in a network of tunnels underneath downtown Los Angeles. _________

11. At least five victims of this comedy club’s previous mobster owners haunt the labyrinthian complex. Ask any comedian in town who’s performed here and they likely have a story to tell. What is the name of the club? _________

12. “Ghost bikes,” bicycles painted in all white, are erected around Los Angeles as a tribute to what? _____________________

13. The Lady of the Light is often seen as a “wispy, partial apparition” near the cliffs of the coastal landmark where she fell to her death. Name the landmark. __________

Bonus question: Some parents in Spanish speaking cultures warn their children not to misbehave or stay outside after dark, lest they be stolen by the disembodied spirit known as ____________, whose name translates in English to “The Weeping Woman.”