DIY CRAFT: Star Wars Action Figure Halloween Costumes!

Well I thought I’d seen it all.
I’ve seen Halloween Star Wars costumes, I’ve seen Halloween action-figure costumes, but I ain’t never seen Halloween costumes for Star Wars ACTION FIGURES… ’til now.

The Official (so you KNOW it’s baked fresh) Star Wars site has an article up HERE about making costumes for your Star Wars ACTION FIGURES.   We’re talking old-school crafting with with felt and pipe cleaners.  Good stuff and I have to admit, I think it’s kinda fun. 

My personal favorite is the Stormtrooper wearing the retro Ben Cooper vinyl C-3PO costume. 
You could bend pop-culture even more by making that R2-D2 costume light blue instead of white and say he’s the “Inky” ghost from Pac-Man. 
I’m an idea man.