Knott's Scary Farm to feature 3 new mazes for the 2010 Halloween Haunt

Knott’s Berry Farm’s 38th annual Halloween Haunt (aka Knotts Scary Farm) returns September 24th with three all new mazes, one brand new scare zone, featuring mutants, headless horsemen, zombies, and bloodsuckers.

“Fallout Shelter (in 3D)” will bring scareseekers into what may be the worst fallout shelter ever created, full of irradiated humans and mutants that may have grown a few spare heads, arms, eyeballs, and maybe even stomachs that need to be fed with human meat (beats spam, thats for sure).

“Sleepy Hollow Mountain” revisits the classic Halloween favorite of school teacher Ichabod Crane’s meetup with the Headless Horseman, with the Knotts crew filling the atmosphere with all matter of “Ghosts and ghouls, witches and goblins, long legged beasts and things that go bump in the night…”

“Virus Z” has infected town the residents of Pleasanton, turning everyone into flesh eating zombies (have you ever been to Pleasanton? Its an improvement, trust me).  Visitors will all be suspected of carrying the infection, and will not only have to evade the undead, but also government agents bent on eradicating everyone they suspect of carrying the virus.

And in scare zone action, those passing through “Necropolis” will encounter steampunk vampires and a world “of flesh and machine, of gears and steam.” And probably some funnel cake, if we’re lucky.

The returning mazes are “Lockdown: The Asylum,” “Terror of London,” “Dia de los Muertos,” “Uncle Bobos Bigtop of the Bizarre in 3D,” “The Labyrinth,” “The Slaughterhouse,” “Black Widow’s Cavern,” “The Doll Factory,” “Club Blood,” and “Cornstalkers.”

The full lineup, courtesy Knott’s Berry Farm:

(1) “Sleepy Hollow Mountain” (Log Ride)
(2) “The Labyrinth” (Flying Ace Balloon Race)
(3) “The Doll Factory” (Wilderness Dance Hall)
(4) “Lockdown: The Asylum” (GhostRider)
(5) “The Slaughterhouse” (Main Gate/Camp Spooky)
(6) “Fallout Shelter in 3D“ (the Lake)
(7) “Club Blood” (GhostRider)
(8) “Terror of London” (Mystery Lodge)
(9) “Black Widow’s Cavern” (Calico Mine Ride)
(10) “Virus Z” (Fiesta Plaza)
(11) “The Corn Stalkers” (Stage Coach Trail)
(12) “Dia Del Los Muertos” (Bumper Cars)
(13) “Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre in 3D” (Xcelerator)

(1) “Ghost Town” (Old West Ghost Town®)
(2) “Necropolis” (Camp Snoopy)
(3) “CarnEVIL” (The Boardwalk)

(1) “Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem” (Ghoul Time Theatre)
(2) “The Hanging” (Calico Scare)
(3) Hacks! Presents “Die, Die, Die!” (Bird Cage Theatre)
(4) “De’Anna the Hypnochick” (Boardwalk Ballroom)
(5) Street Drum Corps’ “Blood Drums” (Necropolis Theatre)
(6) “Inferno” (Wagon Camp)
(7) “Zamora’s Sideshow of the Bizarre” (CarnEVIL Stage)

More coverage to come here at CreepyLA…

For additional info and to purchase tickets, visit Knott’s Scary Farms’ official site.