A sneak peek at Knott's Scary Farms new "Fallout Shelter in 3-D" and "Slaughterhouse"

Blood, cannibalism, and ravenous mutating freaks of nature – Oh my! What on earth could we possibly be talking about? Well, two of Knott’s Scary Farm’s brand new mazes of course!!! As guests of Knott’s we were warmly welcomed with open wounded arms to visit the FALLOUT SHELTER in 3-D and SLAUGHTERHOUSE, both brand new mazes for the upcoming annual Halloween Haunt.


FALLOUT SHELTER, designed by veteran maze designer Daniel Miller is in it’s final stages of construction and we were lucky enough to preview the awesome new maze.

Miller eagerly depicts the brand new maze as a “wild, crazy, and a completely new experience”.

This maze draws inspiration from old fallout shelters of the 1950’s. Word on the Haunt street is that this particular shelter was supposed to provide it’s inhabitants refuge from possible nuclear warfare. Sadly their chances of survival were much greater outside the shelter.

The leader of this shelter went mad and decided to seal up the shelter for good. He began to savagely experiment on those seeking safety; now throw in a couple of open nuclear silo’s and lock them all tight underground for 50+ years…things most likely took a turn for the worse. After years being kept locked tight beneath the earth, the folks over at Knott’s have somehow managed to re-open the shelter once again.

Do you dare visit the seemingly empty catacombs of this  abandoned shelter? Or are you afraid of a few dozen possible rampaging mutated creatures? Come on in and find out for yourself, just don’t forget your 3-D safety glasses!

Fallout Shelter Entrance

Returning for the 2010 season is SLAUGHTER HOUSE, a Southern backwood’s meat factory where it’s cut of the day isn’t the tri-tip, it’s YOU.

Mr. Miller who also designed this maze explains to us the the factory has gone through some major renovations in the past year; they even added a gift shop y’all!

This maze is almost unrecognizable from years’ prior. Featuring an almost completely redone maze in hopes of keeping fanboys and guests coming back for seconds; if you even get that far. Who doesn’t love some nice backwoods kin looking for some fresh meat? BBQs in this neck of the woods come often so come on by with your empty stomachs and walk on through their human scales, intestine hallways, and even human meat processors! A good time to be had by all, you can actually feel what it’s like to be the cattle in this slaughter house!


With only 8 days till Haunt, the 38th annual Knott’s Scary Farm is on track to being one of the best years Knott’s has ever had! Keep checking back for more updates!