Bride of Creepy Bachelorette: Angela

The first of the bachelorettes contending to become the Bride of Creepy is Angela (aka Gracie Huerta of Long Beach). I can’t tell what I’m drawn to more in the photo above: those bedroom eyes and well worn leather skin, or the bloodied, rat infested cake behind her. Either way, she had me at hell-arggggghhhh!!!

Here’s her answers to our application.

About her: Graphic designer who LOVES anything having to do with horror. Every year I design my own costumes. I have a blast shopping for fabric and it’s become a tradition for me and some of my friends. The photo I submitted is of me as Angela from the movie “Night of the Demons.” I got to meet her last year in Kentucky’s Scarefest convention.

For the ultimate creepy date she’d go to: Palermo Italian Restaurant on Vermont

In a horror film, she’d most likely be: The killer herself!

Her ideal funeral: Hopefully I’ll die the same month I was born, October, so that everyone can come dressed as zombies for my funeral and dance to Michael Jackson’s song Thriller.

Who is the sexiest horror icon ever? Erik from True Blood. Delicious!

Tell us about your creepiest Los Angeles moment: I was home watching “Ghost Adventures” on tv one night when my roommate was coming in and out of the apartment doing laundry in the laundry room located in the back of the apartment. He left his keys dangling on the door when he last came in and after 15 minutes, Ghost Adventures went into commercial and the keys continued to move side to side even after the commercials. Unexplainable and creepy. Should have stopped moving in a couple minutes, not 20.