Bride of Creepy Bachelorette: Mia Mayo

Our newest entrant to become the Bride of Creepy is Hollywood dame Mia Mayo. Instead of making ourselves hungry with cruel Miracle Whip jokes, let’s allow her pics and profile speak for itself.

About her: Mia Mayo is an actress and the cooking show host of I Spit On Your Gravy.

For the ultimate creepy date she’d go to: Museum of Death. SO romantic…

In a horror film, she’d most likely be: The killer herself!

Her ideal funeral: Cheeseburgers, Oingo Boingo, and a stand up comedian. I would prefer my passing be a less sad occasion and more of a roast.

Who is the sexiest horror icon ever? Michael Myers. I love the strong, silent type.

Tell us about your creepiest Los Angeles moment: The bus. Like, any moment of any day.