Bride of Creepy Bachelorette: mysticalwendy

This Los Angeles based psychic appears to have an aversion to using capital letters but was drawn to apply to become the Bride of Creepy. “Like” her with a capital “L?” Then click “Like” above to push her to the next round.

About her: I started as a dancer,actress,singer.i have appeared on soaps,films,commercials.
I am presently also working as a Psychic and love anything that is supernatural!
I have always been drawn to entertainment and love performing.
I have a very sexy singing voice and you could hear some of my vocals on the site: my performer name is wedilicious.
i sing on the songs,”dancing is like making love”, and “with you tonight”.
I love vampirefilms and old hollywood movies!

For the ultimate creepy date she’d go to: chataeu marmont hotel

In a horror film, she’d most likely be: The hostess introducing the film and providing commentary throughout.

Her ideal funeral: a silent room with only the body laying in peace.dressed in black with white flowers trailing from the entrance into the dark box.The room filled with all kinds of hollywood types and papparazzi flashing as they all enter the privite room.everything is slow motion and shot in black and white with splashes of color,like a painting.

Who is the sexiest horror icon ever? dracula played by daniel craig.

Her creepiest Los Angeles moment: Working on a film shot way out in the desert with Karen Black, and she fell into a pit.It was a night shoot and she couldn’t see!!