Theatre 68’s 6th Annual Haunted House

The non-descript Theatre 68 has a not so well kept secret: every year since 2005 they’ve transformed into one of the city’s best haunts.

5419 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles
Every night from Friday, October 14th – Monday, October 31 (“18 straight nights of horror!”)
8pm to 11pm on school nights; 8pm to Midnight Fridays, Saturdays & Halloween Night.
Admission: $12 – receive $1 off with donated canned good.


With its innovative construction and personalized touches, this has been praised as one of the most unique and frightening haunted house experiences in LA. Small intimate groups of two or four are guided through its creepy, themed rooms, populated by ghoulish members of the theater company. Special effects and moving walls enhance the confusion and terror, and the live vignettes presented in each room draw the visitor into his or her own personalized horror movie, putting them at the center of each story.

Online horror aficionado Steve Biodrowski at Hollywood Gothique raves that Theatre 68’s Haunted House employs a “wonderful theatricality” and “should be on every Halloween fanatic’s must-do list…Theatre 68 is the only haunted house that truly immerses you in the action every step of the way…an effectively frightening experience that offers perhaps the best scream-to-cost ratio in Los Angeles.” raves that “this little theatre is packed to the rafters with pure terror…the actors do a remarkable job of remaining in character… the scares are directed right at you, and they were able to scare us constantly…truly a highlight for us this season…one of the most scary and fun haunts we’ve been to in a very long time.”