L.A. Halloween Attraction Will Allow You To Shoot Zombies

A peek at the “zombie killhouse” where visitors will be able to, literally, shoot at the undead within.

Visitors to Haunted Hollywood Sports this Halloween season will be encouraged to exercise their right to bear arms. For an added upgrade, two of the six mazes at the Bellflower haunt will have airsoft rifles guests can rent to shoot the “monsters” with – either swamp loving hillbillies and other New Orleans voodoo creatures, or everyone’s favorite: legions of zombies.

Maze designer Jon Autopsy tells CreepyLA, “What we offer, on top of our multiple walk-through mazes and scare-zones, is a one of a kind attraction that puts you dead center into a zombie outbreak, armed to the teeth, and prepared to fight your way through, just like you would in a real life zombie outbreak, hypothetically of course.”

He added that other Halloween attractions have used laser tag in their mazes, but Hollywood Sports is the only one he knows where you can actually fire projectiles at whatever frightens you.

The airsoft guns that will be used at the attraction fire pellets similar to BB guns, but are rubber. While safe for play with proper protective equipment, airsoft pellets can sting, bruise, and, on occasion, break skin.

The idea came up halfway through October of last year, when Hollywood Sports, a paintball and airsoft park for the rest of the year, decided to add a “zombie killzone” to their assorted game fields.

“So many people loved the fact that you actually got to shoot the oncoming undead,” Jon said. “It gave them an almost real life experience from the Call Of Duty style games they play at home; many of which involve game modes that include surviving a zombie outbreak.” The feature was so popular, they decided to give their entire venue a Halloween overlay.

Jon said that he’s been able to utilize twelve years of experience in the haunted attraction industry, including work with Knott’s Halloween Haunt as a composer, as well as time spent as a monster, carpenter, and scenic painter with The
Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in San Jose, and Sinister Pointe in Brea.

Also on his team are construction and design supervisor Jon Cooke, and lead makeup artist Candice Catron, both with years of experience working at Knott’s Halloween Haunt.

Tickets to Haunted Hollywood Sports will start at $28 for access to general mazes, with additional costs for airsoft rentals and other upgrades. The attraction opens September 28th. For more info, follow our Haunted Hollywood Sports page here on CreepyLA, or keep up with them on Facebook.