"Evil Dead" brings its boom stick to Knott's Halloween Haunt

Knott’s Halloween Haunt has been pulling out all the stops for their 40th anniversary year, with over 13 mazes and seven shows, with a combination of returning favorites, new attractions, and inventive interactive elements. But the news that is sure to be the buzz among the horror film community is that their Timber Mountain Log Ride will be converted into an officially licensed “Evil Dead” ride for the Halloween season.

From their Facebook page:

The Rumors are true…. Hail to the King, Baby. Evil Dead comes to Scary Farm! The legendary film is being remade and what better way to celebrate than to experience the terror firsthand…  The Timber Mountain Log Ride will become The Evil Dead for Scary Farm 2012. Come to Papa.

While specifics have been yet to be released, the Evil Dead franchise offers numerous creative opportunites, from a cabin in the woods over ridden by demons, plenty of creative gore scenes, medieval undead, and, for once in a Halloween maze, a good reason for the good guys to use a chainsaw (even if it’s surgically implanted on a severed limb).

As “Scarezone” notes, landing the official rights to a “Evil Dead” maze may be a bit of a coup for Knott’s.

“Evil Dead is a cult classic and a property that we know John Murdy at HHN Hollywood would like to feature,” they write, “so it almost feels like Knott’s has stolen the rug out from under Universal.”

Knott’s Halloween Haunt opens September 21st.