Horror Nights Makeup Preview

Kimber Parrish works on one of the mask that will be used in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law” maze at Halloween Horror Nights.

After months of prep, this morning Universal Studios Hollywood gave press a peek at the makeup and costuming work going into this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Make up artist Larry Bones told CreepyLA that he and his team of 40 have been working out of an non-airconditioned parking garage since June to pull it all together. They’ll be at Horror Nights every day to make sure each scareactor has makeup properly applied, a process which can take up to 45 minutes per actor. In addition, there will be¬†constant maintenance of the assorted masks and pieces each custom made for the event to ensure it lasts until the end of October.

“One of our biggest challenges is Walking Dead due to huge levels of prostethetics,” Bones told us, referring to the maze based on the hit zombie themed TV series. ¬†“They want to see the same Walking Dead they see on TV, and we have to bring it to them.”

What makes his job more challenging than for the makeup artists working on the TV series, is that crowds will be literally inches away from the zombies they encounter at Horror Nights, so the detail need to be “excruiating.”

Bones added that the single most difficult character he had to bring to life is Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill video game series, which has a giant triangle shaped head. Bones refrained from revealing how they accomplished this, but beamed with pride saying that it looks just like the character seen in the game.

Makeup artists and wardrobe designers at today’s event gave demonstrations on the processes that bring their creations to life, from concept design, on the through latex molding and painting, wardrobe designing, and makeup application, using examples from this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Two different makeup stations allowed press to see actors turned into zombies from the Walking Dead, which will be featured both in a maze and the Terror Tram attraction, while other stations featured makeup effects that will be see in the “Alice Cooper Goes to Hell,” “Silent Hill,” and “La Llorona” mazes. Masks from the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw Is the Law” maze was also on display, as were costumes from the assorted “scare zones” that will tie together the Halloween attraction.

Halloween Horror Nights will be open September 21 thru October 31. For more on Halloween Horror Nights, keep an eye on CreepyLA.