2012 Coffin Hunt #10 Clue: 20 Questions

The tenth coffin in the 2012 Coffin Hunt is designed by Thom Foolery. He promises he’ll have another coffin that we’ll be able to place on eBay in the next few days, but for now, this is your only chance to get a Thom Foolery coffin!

Today’s winning coffin hunter will also receive a fourpack (!) of tickets to the premiere of “Fun Size” on Thursday, October 25th at Paramount Studios.

Runners up who show up and take a photo of themselves proving they were there will also get a pair of tickets.

Remember: to get the prize, winners need to send us a photo of themselves with the coffin (if they found it first) or at the location, and either upload to HiddenLA or CreepyLA or email to creepyla at gmail dot com.

Get digging!

As for today’s clue:

Time for ¬†challenge, folks – instead of our regularly scheduled clues, we’re going to to show you a photo of where the coffin in… but to find the location we’re going to play 20 questions on the Facebook thread.

Ask only yes or no questions – if the answer is YES, CreepyLA or Hidden LA will “like” your comment.

Easy enough?


Tip:¬†Keep an eye on CreepyLA and Hidden LA’s Facebook pages to know when the coffin has been nabbed, and for additional clues until the coffin is found.