The Backwoods Maze 2012: The best maze you've never heard of

I’ll have to admit, when I heard that one of the best mazes in Los Angeles is located in a backyard in Burbank, I was not expecting much.  But, after visiting The Backwoods Maze on Saturday Oct 20th, I can’t recommend it strongly enough!  This maze is phenomenal and remarkably FREE, though there is a can for donations that everyone in our group stuffed with cash on the way out.

This year the theme is an apocalyptic wasteland.  The twisting narrow passageways are filled with sinister characters in gas masks, strange animal-human hybrids, and steampunk soldiers.  On their Facebook page, the creators describe a “journey into the heart of a once prosperous city that has fallen victim to a devastating war.  An army of unknown origins has overtaken and morphed this town into a wasteland under siege.  Maneuver past guard towers and trudge through the trenches in a world without law and order.  Chaos prevails as hostile warlords and scavengers who are starving to survive warp this town into a barbed wired war zone.”  Now if that doesn’t get your spine tingling, I don’t know what will.

You may be hesitant, because fitting all of this into a backyard seems insane, but they have truly done the impossible.  Working within a permanent structure of corridors and rooms, The Backwoods creators began nine years ago to build something that outranks even some of the best that Universal Studios has to offer.  Each year, they painstakingly overhaul the maze with a new theme, adding remarkable details like barbed wire overhead and sand beneath your feet.   Stunning visuals paired with brilliantly executed atmospherics like fog and lighting, make this maze a must-see attraction.  It was no surprise to find out that one of the creators is a professional in the special effects industry.

The Backwoods Maze does everything right.  Plenty of scares around every corner and lots to look at in all directions.  They take the time to stop the line for small groups of up to six to enter, so that the actors inside have time to reset and the visitors have time to explore.  Hand-made props and sets only add to the unique experience.  This maze is unlike anything else out there and I guarantee that even jaded horror fans will find something to love in The Backwoods.

The Backwoods Maze
1912 North Pepper Street, Burbank, CA
Open October 26, 27, 28, and 31 from 7-10pm  

Please, remember this maze is in a residential neighborhood, so the owners ask you not to block driveways or otherwise disrupt their neighbors.  And although, this is a free attraction, donations are gratefully accepted (and well deserved).