2018 Review Hidden Treasures at Reign of Terror Haunted House

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REIGN OF TERROR is simply the most intense and fully immersive haunt in the LA area. Now, at a mind-blowing 105 rooms, this massive haunt features EIGHT interconnected attractions. THE HAUNTED HOUSE, THE ASYLUM, INFECTED, MINER’S REVENGE, FUN HOUSE, QUARANTINE, and CASA BLOOD have been joined by a new attraction called INBRED where a group of demented family members resides in a shack waiting to bring you to a violent end.

Don’t be fooled by the location. The Janss Marketplace doesn’t look like the spot to find one of the top-rated mazes in SoCal, but the unassuming facade hides a hair-raising treasure.

reign of terror

I have been reviewing REIGN OF TERROR for many years and telling people that it is absolutely worth the drive to Thousand Oaks to see this incredible haunt. When I first reviewed ROT, I was stunned by the 10,000 square feet that the maze covered. Since then, it has more than doubled to 23,000 square feet and takes a full half hour to walk through. The maze is left standing year-round and doesn’t have to be packed away at the end of the season, so the ROT team has been able to craft something truly astonishing. Every year, the fittings and fixtures are enhanced to create a more deeply engaging experience. Even the wait line is filled with dramatic details to rival any of the best theme park attractions.


Once you climb the stairs to enter the first attraction, there is only one line to wait in. Walking into MINER’S REVENGE, the line then flows through all eight attractions with no additional waiting.

This year, all of the attractions have been packed with more monsters to shock and frighten you. Another new addition to the haunt is THE WHITE-OUT EXPERIENCE inside the FUN HOUSE attraction. This is a disorienting white room filled with bright white lights and fog which makes it hard to find your way out. It felt like walking into a dream.

fun house

REIGN OF TERROR is designed for intense horror fans aged 13+, but younger children can also experience the haunt during their special LIGHTS ON tours. During these select daytime hours, parents can walk through with their children and enjoy the Halloween decorations and creepy look of the rooms with none of the special effects and scares.

In addition, on November 3, ROT will host its first-ever “Lights OUT” event. Visitors will have the chance to walk through all 105 rooms in total darkness with only one small glow stick per person to light the way. I’m definitely going to go back to try this new way to tour REIGN OF TERROR.

reign of terror

ROT gives back to the community with the proceeds raised from the haunt ticket sales. Janss Marketplace generously hosts the event in the indoor space above the mall’s retail locations, so the haunted house is able to donate proceeds to the Conejo Recreation and Parks District. ROT’s annual donation benefits the Thousand Oaks Teen Center, Young Artists Ensemble programs and the Conejo Theatre for Everyone, which gives special needs youth the opportunity to perform. Over the past decade, ROT has raised over $200,000 in donations to support these organizations.

For the 2018 season, REIGN OF TERROR operates weekends and select dates through November 3rd. For ticketing information, please click REIGN OF TERROR.