Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Some reasons to advertise on CreepyLA’s haunted map of Los Angeles

•    The newspaper map is a concise 4 pages which guarantees featured placement wherever your ad is placed, vs. a  newspaper or magazine in which the ad could be buried and easily overlooked among dozens of pages.
•    Hyper targeted demographic: Horror fans, supernatural buffs and Halloween lovers in the Los Angeles area.
•    Halloween is 2nd only to Christmas in the amount of money Americans spend for a holiday… if you’re not advertising for Halloween, you’re missing out.
•    An unheard of bargain: printed ad space also includes free advertising and listing on LA’s premiere Halloween blog, increasing your online presence and search engine visibility.

CreepyLA is the Los Angeles Halloween blog, covering events, happenings, and local history regarding the supernatural, horror films, and, of course, Halloween. Our “season” officially begins September 1st, and runs through the first week of November.

For the 2009 Halloween season, CreepyLA is printing over 10,000 maps of Haunted Los Angeles to be distributed FREE at numerous locations throughout LA, including haunted attractions, horror specialty shops, college campuses, and Halloween costume and prop stores.

The map will be the center spread of a CreepyLA style newspaper, and the front cover will have a sampling of stories related to Halloween events and news in L.A.

Simply put, if you have a product, business, or service that caters to horror film buffs, goths, supernatural lovers, or anyone who’s into Halloween, CreepyLA’s haunted map is the perfect place to advertise.

All ads purchased on the newspaper map include complimentary advertising on CreepyLA.com, including a listing on the CreepyLA Bazaar.

The ad submission deadline is September 12th, with the distribution of maps scheduled to begin the last weekend of September.

More info on the above, including ad rates and design specs are on the following pages.
If interested, or you have any other ideas on becoming part of CreepyLA, feel free to contact me any time.

CreepyLA newspaper/map design (for an interactive closeup of this document, click here):


Current site design with ad placements:

Newspaper Map Ads
Map page or back page: $40/sq inch. (1/8 page ads or larger discounted 25%).
Front page ads reserved for premium sponsors (see below for info).
•    Circulation: minimum 10,000
•    Targeted distribution: Halloween stores, haunted attractions, comic book stores, costume shops, collectible toy stores, select coffee shops and video stores.
•    2 square inch minimum ad buy – ad size must be minimum 1″ tall and wide.
•    A 25% deposit required to secure ad space. Balance due September 26th.
•    Submission deadline: September 15th. Print ready art must be submitted at this time.
•    Ad rates are for printing in black and white only. For color costs contact David Markland at markland@gmail.com
•    Maps will be printed and distributed the last week of September. A small percentage of maps will be reserved for distribution throughout October at assorted Halloween related events.
Each ad on the newspaper map includes complimentary adspace at CreepyLA.com, including:
•    A listing on CreepyLA.com “Bazaar” – an individual page, plus summary with thumbnail on searchable listings. More details on the Bazaar below.
•    Rotating ad on the CreepyLA.com front page. These are the 468×60 ads between posts on the front page of the website – appear after every second post. Ads can link to marketplace page or any other website.
•    50+ copies of CreepyLA map for distribution.
(Within 48 hours of receipt of deposit, a lisiting will be made on the “CreepyLA Bazaar” (see below for info). Online ads will also be posted and put into rotation within 48 hours after art made available by advertiser. If you need assistance creating ads, please let us know.)

Map page SPONSORED listing
Listings on the map itself are available for select Los Angeles area businesses that may be of special interest to CreepyLA readers, ie horror specialty store, costume shops, haunted attractions, etc.
$150 each.
•    Listings restricted to 30 words or less, and follow same format as rest of directory (name of location in bold, description, address).
•    Sponsored listings will be highlighted, and have a distinctive icon on the map.
•    No more than 8 sponsored listings will be included on the map and directory. (as of 8/14, only 6 sponsored listings remaining).
•    Sponsored listing will also be added to CreepyLA’s online Haunted Los Angeles map.

Premium Sponsor Options
The following are suggestions for increased visibility on the newspaper map and CreepyLA.com.
Tier C – Sponsoring partner: $5,000 (2 available)
•    2″x2.5″ ad on either side title at top of newpaper/map front page.
•    Choice of either 1/3 of bottom strip ad on front page (~2″x3.3″), or 4″x4″ spot on top left of map page.
•    Sponsored map listing (see details above).
Tier B – Featured sponsor: $20,000 (1 available)
•    All ads on front page, and full ad on backpage of newspaper/map.
•    Sponsored listing on the map and directory.
•    Online ads: top banner and skyscraper/border banner positions.
•    Listing on CreepyLA.com Bazaar (individual page, plus summary with thumbnail on searchable listings)
Tier A – Full site/map buyout: $40,000 (deadline: September 1st)
•    All ads, online and printed.
•    Front page content on the newspaper/map tying your business or service and its relevence to Halloween.
•    Recurring (weekly or more frequent) featured posts tying your business or service and its relevence to Halloween.
•    Up to 8 sponsored listings on the map and directory.
•    Online ads: top banner and skyscraper/border banner positions.

The CreepyLA Bazaar
CreepyLA’s online listing of businesses and services of interest to fans of Halloween, supernatural tales, horror films, and all things “creepy.”
All adspace purchased on the CreepyLA newspaper map include a complimentary listing in the Bazaar. The listing consists of a brief blog entry (250 words or less) describing the business or service,  up to two images (500×500 pixels max), and a link back to your website.
While these posts will appear on search results within CreepyLA and other search engines, the posts will not be be listed on the CreepyLA’s front page. However, the Bazaar itself will be featured on throughout CreepyLA (including a tearpage link that will replace the one at the top of this page).
The result will be a boost in the online presence of your business, increasing your visibility in search engine results.
Bazaar listings made in 2009 will be kept online through March 30, 2010.

If these interest you, or you have any other ideas for becoming part of CreepyLA, please contact me any time via email at creepyla@gmail.com.