Universal Horror Nights to feature the usual suspects


I still have mixed feelings about last year’s Universal Horror Nights. The theme was unique: a mad director was staging scenes of extreme horror, include horrible deaths, to capture the real fear on attendees faces as he filmed their reactions. The productions design was pretty high, and the actors were all pretty into it – from the zombies to the victims running from killers. Still, maybe because the whole thing was so “safe” to keep Univeral’s insurers happy, none of it ever felt terribly real.

That said, maybe by giving in again to the Hollywood brand of horror will make for a better experience, as this year Universal’s will focus on the three stooges of terror: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface (“together for the first time!”).

If you dare, enter the worlds of Jason, Freddy and Leatherface as you encounter four all-new horrific mazes. And witness the horror as each character comes to life when you step off the Terror Tram, and onto Universal’s Backlot.

Universal Horror Nights runs every Friday and Saturday night throughout October, with added dates on Sunday the 28th and Wednesday the 31st.