Shriekfest 2007 comes to Raleigh Studios

Shriekfest 2007The seventh incarnation of Shriekfest, a festival devoted to independent horror films, will be held October 7th to the 10th at the supposedly haunted Raleigh Studios.

Over two dozen short films will be screened as well as nine features in a festival that prides itself on making an effort to get its work seen by agents and distributors, which also features a screenplay competition.

For a complete list of this years screenplay finalists a films screening at the fest, keep reading…

Official Selections Films: (Shorts)
“Fathers In Law” Directed by Guillaume Tunzini (CA)
“The Day the Dead Weren’t Dead” Directed by Brandon and Jason Trost (CA)
“The Lycanthrope” Directed by Lucas Peltonen (NY)
“The Thing in the Corner” Directed by Matthew Stedman (CA)
“No Sanctuary” Directed by Dan Lovallo (Australia)
“Puppeteer” Directed by Guido Tolke (Germany)
“The Clinic” Directed by Toby Gorman (Canada)
“A Little Night Fright” Directed by mischa Livingstone (CA)
“The Killer” Directed by David Nelson (CA)
“Welcome Home” Directed by Lior Chefetz (CA)
“Movie Monster Insurance” Directed by Paula Haifley (CA)
“Night Visit” Directed by Kenneth J. Hall (CA)
“The Un-Gone” Directed by Simon Bovey (UK)
“Vanilla County” Directed by Nick Diramio (NH)
“The Frolic” Directed by Jacob Cooney (CA)
“The Eyes of Edward James” Directed by Rodrigo Gudino (CANADA)
“Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” Directed by Attila Szasz (Hungary)
“Drip” Directed by Jake York (CA)
“Summer Job” Directed by James Pounce (UK)
“Postcards From the Future” Directed by Alan Chan (CA)
“Wretched” Directed by Leslie Delano & Heidi Martinuzzi (CA)
“Eli” Directed by Josh Lee Kwai (CA)
“Happy Birthday to You” Directed by David Alcalde (Spain)
“A.W.O.L” Directed by Jack Swanstrom (CA)
“The Art of Stalking” Directed by Amitabh Klemm (CA)
“Pig Tale” Directed by Adrien Van Viersen (Canada)
“Zombie Love” Directed by Yfke Van Berckealer (CA)
“The Resurrectionist” Directed by Susan Bell (CA)
“Lump” Directed by Faye Jackson (UK)
“Death’s Requiem” Directed by Marc Furmie (Australia)
“Criticized” Directed by Richard Gale (CA)
“Perpetuum Mobile” Directed by Enrique Garcia and Raquel Ajofrin (Spain)
“Iron Bird” Directed by Chris Richards-Scully (Australia)
“Final Run” Directed by Kenneth Foley (CA)
“Gay Zombie” Directed by Michael Simon (CA)
Feature Films:
“House of Fears” Directed by Ryan Little
“Netherbeast Incorporated” Directed by Dean Ronalds (AZ)
“The Cellar Door” Directed by Matt Zettell (CA)
“Something Beneath” Directed by David Winning (CA)
“99 Pieces” Directed by Anthony Falcon (CA)
“Ghost Month” Directed by Danny Draven (NV)
“The Chair” Directed by Brett Sullivan (Canada)
“Devil Girl” Directed by Howie Askins (CA)
“Atom Nine Adventures” Directed by Christopher Farley (CA)

Screenplay Finalists: (Features)
“Ghost Office” Written by Cory Marciel (CA)
“Resurrection Mary” Written by Cory Marciel (CA)
“Beneath the Realm” Written by Douglas Jackson (CA)
“The Lost Girl” Written by Michael Mongillo (CT)
“Midnight Prayers” Written by Larissa and Alex Olick and Lisa Rose (NY)
“Soul Catcher” Written by Eric Diekhans and Diane Berz (IL)
“Druid’s Guide to the Northeast” Written by Phil Clarke Jr. (NY)
“Midnight Screaming” Written by Joel Schwartzberg (NJ)
“Tom, You’re Supposed to be Dead” Written by Tom Manning (NY)
“Reply All” Written by Michael Raymond (WA)
“The Agenda” Written by Stacey Shawntee Arcangel (HI)
“A Taste For Blood” Written by Rebecca Cantrell (HI)
“Broken Circle” Written by M.R Taylor (WA)
“The Cure” Written by Alan R. Baxter (CA)
“The Thirteenth Mary” Written by Michael Strode (CA)
“Vampire” Written by Daniel Potts (CA)
“Unforgettable You” Written by Linda Marr (CA)
“Horror World” Written by Rolfe Kanefsky (CA)
“Revolutionary” Written by Mark Glenn (CA)
“Viewpoint” Written by Sandra Mytys (IL)
“The Scarred” Written by Kelsey Bollig (CO)
“Empire of Wonders” written by David Siudzinski (NY)

Screenplay Finalists: (Short Screenplays)
“Salem” Written by Lanny Maude (CA)
“They Wanted to Fly” Written by Robert Garvey (NY)
“Shadows” Written by Joe Randazzo (NY)
“The Butcher’s Wife” Written by Jason Noto (NY)
“The Witch of Collina” Written by Michael Pallotta (CANADA)
“Safe Passage” Written by Michael Raymond (WA)
“Investment” Written by Rick Tobin (WA)
“Black Widow” Written by Diana Kemp-Jones (CA)
“Road Kill” Written by Diana Kemp-Jones (CA)
“Switch” Written by Lucy C. Cruell (GA)