Are you the face of Creepy?

jeepers2.JPGCreepy LA is looking for the next Elvira – boobs optional – for a series of television appearances and possibly other media requests.

We’re looking for someone in the vein of Vampira, Ghoulita, or Sinister Seymour… all former TV personalities who hosted midnight moves on local TV.

Since “Creepy” rhymes with “cheapy”, this will be an unpaid gig, but an opportunity to frighten the masses and add some on camera experience to your reel.

The host will need to be good with interviews, spreading the word of all the Halloween goodness in Los Angeles, and plugging a brand (ie, Creepy LA is the best website ever). The candidate should already be a fan of all things supernatural… previous experience with exorcisms and raising the dead is a plus.

Please apply by sending an email to with a headshot and reasons why you should be chosen. Feel free to link to a YouTube audition. Deadline is Monday at noon.

… thumbnail of Jeepers from LA TV Legends, which has a brief history of Los Angeles horror hosts here