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Angelino Heights – real estate for ghosts

Wanted to rent for one night on Halloween: Any house on Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights, to give out candy to trick or treaters, followed with a candlelit walk through the neighborhood, and an effort to communicate with previous inhabitants with a Ouija board.

Not that there’s any evidence of supernatural activity in the neighborhood that I know of… it just looks the part. As Michael Imlay, a blogger equally interested in the supernatural, wrote, “Despite Angelino Heights’ haunting atmosphere, there are surprisingly few ghost stories floating about.”

After reading his recent entry at Dateline: City of Angels, about Angelino Heights having the highest concentration of Victorian homes in Los Angeles, I zipped on over to discover dozens of homes that would be perfect for any horror film. Old, gas lamp-style light poles line the streets, along with antique hitching posts (which, like some of the houses, were moved to the neighborhood).

Jill Stewart even referred to Angelino Heights as “Echo Park’s historic ‘haunted house’ district” in a May 2007 LA Weekly article. One of the more infamous homes, at 1329 Carroll, is featured on the series Charmed, and you may recognize 1345 as the house Ola Ray hides from Michael Jackson and the zombies in at the end of Thriller (according to some online sources, the same house is supposedly haunted, although I’ve yet to find details explaining this with any detail).

The one home that I saw for sale (pictured above) appeared condemned and kept glued together by ectoplasmic residue, but is actually listed for $1.6 million. For now, all I can probably afford is one night’s rent. But when I die, I promise I’m moving in.

Following is a gallery of photos from my walk as well as links to more info on what should be (on looks alone) L.A.’s most haunted neighborhood. And if you know of any ghost stories from the area, please leave it in the comments.

These and more photos from my visit to Carroll Street can be found here on Flickr.

A great overview of Angelino Heights, including much better pictures than I have, can be found at LAist’s Neighborhood Project entry on the area by Lindsay William-Ross, including trivia about the houses, a history of the neighborhood and its preservation, and, finally, info on tours:

Tours of Angelino Heights, particularly of some of the Victorian homes on Carroll Avenue, are offered on the first Saturday of the month by the Los Angeles Conservancy. Tickets are $10 for the general public and $5 for members, and must be booked in advance. Visit their website for more information.

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  • Great article I am just facinated by the buildings in Angelino Heights and in particular Carroll Ave. 1329 (the Charmed house) is one of my favourites, I have not yet been to see them in real life but cannot wait till I do. They are amazing and those are some beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them

  • I grew up in this neighborhood back in the 80’s and 90’s. When our families first immigrated to the America’s and to Los Angeles, we stayed at 829 1/2 E. Kensington Rd. Then moved out and away in the mid 80’s and moved back to this same house in the early 90’s. I have a relative that owns unit 809 on that same street now. Gosh, so many memories at 809 because I had so many relatives rent there until it was purchased by the then current relative. There is one particular house on Kensington Ave. that I know is haunted. I can not remember what is the unit number, but if I revisit that street, I can tell you. Growing up, I have heard countless stories of families that moved in and out of that one particular unit. We even had a relative that lived there once, and heard stories from her. She said one evening she was cooking and the food in the wok moved to create some numbers. I don’t know if that is true or if that person is insane, but you can not explain the number of families that move in and out round the clock. I miss that old neighborhood and if I had the money, I would seek a house to buy in that area. Just for the sake of the memories and old times! Not to mention, you can describe the awesome vintage living!

  • Hi I saw your post on angelino heights and I was wondering if you were ever successful in finding a house to rent there for an event? I live down the street from there and I just want to use a house for a party.

    I’d love any help that you can give me.


  • Just stayed in a house in that area for a week. I am super good at picking up on the super natural and I got nothing, although those houses do look the part especially the one i stayed in. My boyfriend even tried to talk me in to it being haunted i felt nothing. Just staying in a really cool restored house.

  • Hi I am one of the Co-Founders of JL & Associates Paranormal Investigations. We are just starting out. We went to Carroll Street last night and walked up both sides of the street admiring the beautiful houses. We would like to investigate any of the old victorians if anyone will let us, use their home for practice. I can be reached at the above email address.

  • I am trying to find a family that lives in Los Angeles who has spirits in their home. Sounds like Angelino Heights area should be perfect. Any one out there got an suggestions??

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hello,

    I found pictures of 2 of the houses located on Carroll Street that were built in 1887. I’m trying to identify the artist who did a limited edition signed painting/print titled “Open House on Carroll Street. The work was produced in 1979. Any help would be much appreciated.



  • I lived on Carroll Avenue for nearly 17 years. I lived in one of the victorian houses and it was haunted. I have many memories and needless to say they were not good. My sisters and I often talk about what happened there and when we tell our friends they don’t believe us but we know the truth. Now 25 years later – I look back at what occurred in our home and it frightens me.

  • to Ken: I have a limited edition print of “Open House on Carroll Street’ (8/90) signed @1985 — either Arnold Field, or Fieth…the Arnold could be Amond…not sure, the signature is not that clear. Please let me know what info you have.

  • Thanks so much for sharing these photos and I also thank the people for their posts. I LOVE the neighborhood of Carroll Ave. and the surrounding area…I hope to make it from Wi. to visit soon!!! :)

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