This is your brain on Jell-O…

“I now know the secret to making a delicious, juicy brain that never fails to freak people out.”

Mary Patton is talking about her cooking talents. The Chicago native moved to Los Angeles in the late ’90s and landed at Rhino Records before moving to Amoeba Music as a marketing executive. She now works closely with them as a consultant for their new music label, Amoeba Records.

But she loves to entertain too, and when she does, especially for Halloween, she insists on putting a unique twist on the food she serves. Alarmingly, blood-curdlingly unique. (Recipe link after the jump.)

I asked her about her Jell-O Brain Dessert.

I suppose I never listened to my mother when she told me not to play with my food. I don’t cook very often, but when I do, I try to have some fun with it. I must have made about ten brains before I finally perfected the recipe – which I made up on my own.

To achieve the right consistency and color AND make it taste good was no easy task. My kitchen looked like a horror film during my experimental phase. Early concoctions resulted in oozing accidents with a pus-like consistency, or gooey, grotesque, bloody guts from an alien autopsy.

Part planners take note, you can take your own stab at making a tasty, brainy treat by way of Archie McPhee. The toy, gift and novelty retailer offers a brain gelatin mold to get you started. Now put on your thinking caps and get cooking.

Mary Patton, right, as Little Dead Riding Hood who made a brain to bring to Grandma’s house last Halloween.

Also: Mary’s special cake for Halloween.