Report: Zombies to invade Hollywood this Friday

zombies.jpgThe only question is whether you’ll run away in vain – or join in on the hunt for brains!

An undead source tells me a “flash mob” of zombies are being called to Hollywood and Vine this Friday at 5pm, with plans to shuffle and groan down to the Hollywood & Highland mall to feast on the flesh of tourists. Or maybe to enjoy some roast beef at “The Dip.”

Even if you haven’t been infected, fans of Shawn of the Dead know that with a little moaning and a convincing walk, you can easily blend in with zombies.

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For far too long have our nation’s zombies been denied their basic rights: BRAINS!

If you are a zombie, and you are in Los Angeles, and you have been denied BRAINS!, come march with your fellow zombies and show your support.

That’s right, Los Angeles, it’s time for the zombies to reclaim the streets. It’s time for all good zombies to take action. It’s time for Zombie Flash Mob. Garb yourself not only in your zombie finest, come prepared to let the world know how you feel about BRAINS!. Bring your fake blood, your severed limbs, and your protest signs.

The zombie protest march begins Friday, October 26, 5:00 P.M. at the corner of Hollywood and Vine and proceed to the Hollywood and Highland mall.

…photo by Lord Helmet from last year’s Zombie Walk…