Interview with a Crime Clown

Crimebo, Nathan Marsak, and Kim Cooper – the Crime Bus people – photo from Pasadena Weekly

If you look back at Halloweens in Los Angeles’ past, you’ll find a holiday wrought with tragedy of all kinds. I could list a few in detail, but that would put a damper on my recent interview with Crimebo the Clown who hosts this Sunday’s “Halloween Horrors” bus tour, produced by Esotouric, the Crime Bus people.

Creepy: Halloween Horrors? Whaddya mean, bad stuff happens while the kids are out trick or treating?

Crimebo: Well, when the little rugrats are tripping through the night fantastic collecting their sugary treats, bad things do happen. Even with safety standards put in place in the ’50’s, costumes still catch on fire. Poisoned candy is still handed out to children by their own parents. Mommy and Daddy often succumb to home invaders. Shootings, fires, rocks, and other Hallowed Night Tricks.

I heard there might be some surprises for people who take a ride on the Crime Bus… any hints?

You should know better than to ask a Clown to reveal what’s hidden in his magic pants… I mean magic bus. I will only say that everyone will be picking hair from their teeth. I did not intend for that to be sexual… wait, yes I did.

What do clowns dress up for on Halloween, specifically, Crimebo the Clown?

I dress up like other clowns. I can’t speak for other grease freaks but if you’re a Crime Clown what better way to pass the blame for one’s transgressions?

Who are the five scariest clowns ever, from fact or fiction?

Well, I’ll start with John Wayne Gacy, who used his position as a clown to commit sexual abuse and murder. But what a lame-o; have you looked at his make-up? What a tool.

Bozo the Clown– yes he was a children’s TV clown but behind the scenes he wrought havoc with staff, random ladies and, well, orphans… okay, I said it. I once woke up after passing out next to Bozo’s pool and I had Vaseline covering my backside and diapers around my ankles.

Hobo Kelly, the TV children’s show host in the 70’s was a gentle soul on screen but after hourshe had an appetite for… even I can’t repeat it. But it was fun; I’m complex.

Pennywise from “IT”– okay, this guy is my hero; scary as hell and loves it.

The Killer Clowns from Outer Space, all of them. Need I say more? Now, I’m more of a corpse lover than an eater, but still they’re tops in my Big Book of Crime.

What will Crimebo be doing Halloween night?

I have a standing date with a nail file and high explosives. Loose lips get something big and clowny shoved in them…

I didn’t have time to ask him why clowns are often perceived as creepy, but was able to get the scoop on this Sunday’s tour:

Sunday, October 28th, 11am – 3pm
Meet at the Lincoln Heights/Cypress Gold Line Station
Tickets: $55 (15% off for KCRW members)
No kids allowed, and BYOBB (bring your own barf bag).
to order tickets or for more info, click here