Hey, Creepy people! Got pix?


To reward the Halloweeners who have joined and added photos to our Flickr group, and as an incentive to get more people to do the same, we’re going to begin a collection of Jeff Dwyer’s Ghost Hunter Guides to a lucky member on Monday. This gives you plenty of time to upload your photos of from this year or any other Halloween. Costumes, haunted houses, pumpkins, or whatever else fits the season.

The trick: Join the CreepyLA Flickr group and add at least one relevent photo to the pool by Monday, November 5th.

The treats: A three pack of Jeff Dwyer’s excellently eerie and exhaustive guides to finding ghosts in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and the San Francisco Bay area. These books cover both the better and lesser known hauntings in each city, and include tips on equipment and tactics to help ensure you spot a spook.