Did a Metrolink passenger send a message from the other side?

Almost every tragedy has its miracles and mysteries. Last week’s Metrolink crash in Chatsworth was no exception.

Among the 25 fatalities was Chuck Peck, who was taking the train to visit his fiance in Westlake Village. His family, knowing he was on board the train, held onto hope for hours as rescue crews searched through the wreckage. All throughout, his son CJ believes Chuck was literally sending a message to the family from beyond to let them know he was okay.

From the Daily Breeze:

For most of Friday night into Saturday morning, as firefighters worked to rescue survivors of the Metrolink train crash and recover the bodies of those who died, the former Torrance resident’s cellular phone kept calling his son, his brother, his stepmother, his sister and his fiancee.

Peck’s family members received about 35 calls from Peck’s cellular telephone through the night. No one said anything on the other end. All they heard was static and indefinite sounds…

Peck’s remains were found around 4:30am, about an hour after the last phone call.

Coroner’s officials told Peck’s family members that he was killed instantly. His body showed no sign that he lived even for a short time after the crash…

“Somehow his phone made phone calls to family members all through the night,” CJ said. “I think it’s a message from my dad, letting us know he’s not suffering.”

…via L.A. Observed