Will Kenneth Anger die this Halloween?

Kenneth Anger photo by JIri Szeppan, used under a Creative Commons license.

Kenneth Anger photo by Jiri Szeppan, used under a Creative Commons license.

During funeral services held last year for filmmaker Curtis Harrington at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Kenneth Anger repeatedly interrupted the proceedings with assorted outbursts, including one where he predicted the date of his own death: Halloween, 2008.

According to Fortean Times, Anger cut off a eulogy by standing up, announcing he was dying of prostate cancer, and said, “Oh yes, It’s been con­firmed. I know the date of my death. On Hall­ow­e’en 2008. My mem­or­ial. RIGHT HERE! HALL­OW­E’EN 2008!”

Anger, the controversial filmmaker perhaps best known as the author of “Hollywood Babylon,” was a lifelong friend of Harrington’s, and both were practitioners of occultist Aleis­ter Crow­ley.