Insomniac Cinema Midnight Movies for October

Although it is too late for Creepsters to catch Re-Animator, there are still three perfectly decent spooky films showing at the Regency Fairfax for under 10 buckaroo banzais:

October 17th: THE LOST BOYS – Synopsis: Teen dreams Corey Haim (Representing all that is good in this world) and Corey Feldman (representing all that is Evil) fight to the death at a Vampire carnival in Santa Cruz. Something like that.  I think they were trying to save his brother from eternal darkness.   Prologue to The Two Coreys.

October 24th: NOSFERATU – Synopsis:  Black and white film about old-school creepy guy obsessed with a nice gal from down the street, with many layers of the human psyche examined… I think.

October 31st: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: Synopsis: Hungry Zombies are Really Mad!

Insomniac Cinema was created by Andrew Gaultieri in 2004 in an effort to bring films to the big screen that were meant to be experienced in the movie house, instead of on your stinkin’ blue-ray-hi-def- gigantor-flatscreen beheamoth that takes up way too much space in your one bedroom apartment and/or bedroom. It is soooo much better to shove greasy popcorn in your face with a fresh fountain cola chaser while watching perfectly innocent civilians being attacked by bloodthirsty ne’er-do-well paranormal beasts.