Did Michael Jackson's ghost appear live on CNN's Larry King at Neverland Ranch?

A CNN crew at Neverland Ranch shooting live during Larry King Live apparently picked up an anomaly that appears to be a transparent human body crossing past a hallway.


Video fakery? Light and shadow glitch? Or an actual haunting of Michael Jackson’s beloved estate?

Only time will tell if Santa Barbara’s Neverland Ranch, ¬†opens for public tours, possibly putting in contention with San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House as the most famous haunted home in California.

But it sure seems Michael Jackson was one of those people who wouldn’t have minded reappearing to the living in the afterlife. In 1997 Michael Jackson followed up “Thriller,” playing a werewolf and a zombie, with another long form music video also featuring the supernatural, the 33 minute long “Ghosts,” directed by movie f/x whiz Stan Winston.

The short film is about the villagers of a small town who attempt to convince the weird guy who lives in the local mansion to move out before he corrupts the kids with magic tricks and other sorcery.

Watch the whole thing below, or purchase the song from the album Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix.

Keep an eye out for Mos Def as one of the kids… and Michael Jackson appearing in multiple roles.


[h/t Shabooty]