Out now: Extreme Halloween book

ExtremehalloweenWe’ve been on board with Tom Nardone since his first book, Extreme Pumpkins, came out two years ago. Nardone has re-invented pumpkin carving, taking it into slash-and-burn (as in “carve with a power tool and light on fire with a fuel tank”) territory.

Now, in his new book, he’s taking aim at the entire Halloween holiday with Extreme Halloween, The Ultimate Guide to Making¬† Halloween Scary Again.¬† And he’s serious, with step-by-step instructions for things like burying friends alive and creating a “human corpse” from roasted meats as an idea for party food. Fun!

Nardone is low-key about it. “It has a bunch of unique ideas for tricks, treats, gross food and even some pumpkin sculptures,” he told me. For him, unique means a cake that bleeds and a yard sculpture called Alligator in the Leaf Pile.

Last year, Nardone made the TV interview rounds— Letterman, Conan, Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America– promoting his second book, Extreme Pumpkins II: Take Back Halloween and Freak Out a Few More Neighbors; and he managed to freak out Jimmy Kimmel when a freshly-carved pumpkin started oozing fake blood out of its mouth.

Watch for our new interview with Tom about Extreme Halloween in the near future. In the meantime, check out our interview with him last year here. You can buy Extreme Halloween here.