The Hydra of Babylon Hits the Westside

Los Angeles native Camille Rose Garcia returns to the Merry Karnowsky Gallery with her first LA exhibit in two years.

“The Hydra of Babylon” runs through October 12th and features the candy-coated, creepy creatures that fans of Garcia have come to know and love.  The collection pieces range in size from mini-portraits suspended in glass bottles to the huge mural-sized title piece of the show.

( (c) Camille Rose Garcia, courtesy Merry Karnowsky Gallery)

( (c) Camille Rose Garcia, courtesy Merry Karnowsky Gallery)

Garcia hooks viewers with cute mythological creatures, animals and oblong lady beings covered in glitter and mica.  On further inspection one finds all kinds of odd surprises (colorful pills, severed heads, and vengeful fairies) that show there is much more to these pieces than potential cool looking tattoos.  Titles like “Free of Desperate Empires” “Destroying Angels”, and “Why Can’t You Just Be Happy” allude to another, more meditative strain than the bright colors would infer.  Conceived as a response to the tenuous state of the ecology and a celebration of nature, The Hydra of Babylon is very easy on the eyes while it stimulates the mind.

Photo by RP Gonzales

Why Can't You Just Be Happy (Photo by RP Gonzales)

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Merry Karnowsky Gallery, 170 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (map) 323.933.4408,