Survive the Terror of the Queen Mary Shipwreck

Once a year, when the skeletal clouds grasp at the darkened sky and the full moon rides the night, the grand

100_0413Queen Mary cruise ship is transformed into a wreck, overrun by haunted souls and restless ghouls.

The mazes this year include the returning Vampire Village and House of Horrors, complemented by the new horrors of the Isolation Ward, Pirates Revenge and the Graveyard.

The preview night was chaotic as best, but once I found the mazes, I was not disappointed.

Vampire Village

A haunted castle occupied by bloodthirsty vampires, its d├ęcor was as authentic as any Bela Lugosi horror classic


Isolation Ward

This hospital has been taken over by the deranged occupants within.


Pirates Revenge

The forecastle of the ship is filled with vengeful spirits of pirates lost at sea.



An open air haunt filled with those who refuse to remain at rest.


A cast of over 130 actors each night travels in and around the event, and provides an often unexpected and scary surprise!

In partnership with Cal State Long Beach, students from the universities acting program for cast, hair, make up and even technical lighting and sound staff only serves to enhance the experience.

It’s never been more fun to risk life and limb!

For more information be sure to visit the Queen Mary Shipwreck Website.