T-Shirt Roundup: Halloween Jack o' Lanterns, Zombies and Shred Shirts!

In my quest for cool new Halloween t-shirts that don’t say something corny like “Have a Boo-tiful Halloween!” I stumbled through the thickets of internet webbing to find RedBubble.com.

After scrolling through page after page of equally hip mummies, zombies, skulls and the like, I finally hit paydirt: a jack o’ lantern shirt. 

Featuring a plump-faced, buck-toothed jack o’ lantern over yellowed crossbones it has to be the cutest, least threatening Halloween t-shirt I’ve seen… yet still endearing.  Get it HERE.

Next up is one of the best zombie shirts I’ve found.
Appropriately entitled “The House that Romero Built” it has a montage image of key zombies from most of George Romero’s “Dead” films.
Featuring the rotting flesh from Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (Cemetery zombie), Dawn of the Dead (doorway zombie and Steve), Day of the Dead (Bub, autopsy zombie and Dr. Tongue), Land of the Dead (Big Daddy), and those zombies inspired by Romero’s opus:  Tar Man from Return of the Living Dead, pit witch from Evil Dead, Fulci’s worm-ridden zombie from Zombi and two others which I’m sad to say I can’t place.  (Help me out in the comments…)
Buy it HERE from the ironically named  mediocreclothing.com.  

And for my third (Scary comes in 3’s… no wait that’s comedy…) I pulled from Mediocre Clothing’s sister site:  Shred. 
Here’s the math: Take 80s Heavy Metal t-shirts + Cinematic Pop Culture References + skate graffiti culture = Shred t-shirts. 

Head over to shredclothing.com HERE and see for yourself.
There’s a shirt featuring a rampaging blood-soaked Cerberus, an Iron Maiden mascot “Eddie” inspired skeleton zombie rising from the ground amidst lightning, a headless horseman with a battle axe, a zombie T-Rex chasing an unfortunate Hummer, a trio of raptors chasing a woman through the remains of her companion, and a Return of the Living Dead-type skelezombie mummy reaching out from a Tutankhamen-like headdress.
The colors are bright, the images brazen and they pop on shirts blacker than Ozzy’s soul. 
Get your Shred on HERE.

Check ’em all out and let me know if you partake in any.