More Cheap Thrills

If you’re like us, your wallet is already nearly empty after purchasing a costume, pumpkins, and attending one or two Halloween attractions…. but there’s still a week left! Alas, one last time we’re going to reanimate our Goldstar Events affiliate links to save you a few dollars, and maybe put a few in our coffers.

Here’s how it works: Click this link (for their full lineup of Halloween deals)¬†or check out any of the our handpicked events below. You’ll save up to 50% off tickets to an event, show, or attraction. And, if you sign up with a free Goldstar account, CreepyLA receives a few bucks (you don’t even need to spend a cent).

A sampling (prices mentioned include service fees):

Click here for more cheap tickets for screening of the Twilight trilogy, creepy fun at Zombie Joe’s Theatre, and other Halloween attractions…