Mondo Cinema coming to the New Beverly

Mondo Cinema's Nightmare on Elm Street poster

It’s always better to show, not tell, when demonstrating anything of importance. Which is why following this brief intro, I’m just going to simply lay out a ton of images to explain why the headline above should be reason for excitement.

As film geeks are well aware, Mondo Cinema is known for creating high quality, original posters with badass art work for special screenings, usually at the Alamo Drafthouse theatres in Texas.

Yesterday, the Austin based company announced on their blog┬áthat they will be programming the film line up at New Beverly Cinema from October 7 – 9, with two films per day.

Tickets for these films will go on sale on Tuesday, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be revealing what the movies are.

What is known is that for each of the “Mondo Mystery Films,” as the series is called, they’ll be creating a custom, limited edition poster. And, most likely, the posters will be branded with the New Beverly name and date of the special screening.

While the lineup is a mystery, since the event takes place in October, and horror is a frequent genre of choice, we’re betting long that Mondo will be including a few scary movies in the lineup. (crossing our fingers for “Trick R Treat” and “Shawn of the Dead”).

That said, below I’m providing a bunch of samples of horror film posters the folks at Mondo reimagined… now let your imagination go wild for what they could have in store for the New Beverly slate of films. (Check out their full archive of posters here.)

Do you have a favorite Mondo poster that we didn’t include? Link to it in the comments!