Haunted? Cal State Channel Islands

CSU Insane

Many people ask if CSU Channel Islands is haunted. I answer yes, and I live there.

I have heard many things from the sound of a woman crying in an abandoned building, to heavy doors slamming shut, to scratching on walls when no one was even around.

Lights flicker in the locker lined hallway and rusting bars cover the windows to abandoned buildings. It looks like just a college with some broken windows here and there, but there is something more to this story.

Until 1997, it was a mental hospital that was shut down as they could not keep up with all those kept there as well as costs. In 2002 it reopened introducing CSU Channel Islands, the newest state school in California.

A lot of the unexplained activity takes place near the dorms also known as Anacapa and Santa Cruz.  In year’s past, Santa Cruise (the lower class dorms), mainly building H, was used to house patients.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is true considering the next unnamed building over is broken apart with rusting windows and frames. If you take a walk on campus, you can look through broken windows to see papers littering the floor, sometimes medical supplies or even drawings on walls that can be quite chilling.

Near the Island Cafe, which is located in the South Quad, there is a long hallway lined with yellow lockers. Keep walking until you get to the open field near a parking lot (SH2) and look to the right. That is the old medical lab and office. It is barred up and closed now, but three years ago I did manage to get inside. It was dark and cold.  On the walls words said “No one can help me” and in the shower room it said in dripping letters “die.”

This is also the location where I had the door nearly swing and hit me in the face.  That was around midnight, also the time where guards switched.  Towards the back of school is our well known South Quad. It is next to Napa Hall (the art studio).  It is said that late at night, you can hear the disembodied sound of a former janitor jingling his keys as he cleans up what is no longer there.

I am not the only one who has experienced things like this. I remember my freshman year suite mate telling me she saw her lamp shaking when there was no reason for it to shake. Another old roommate of mine, Stephanie, and I found a door in our room to be locked then heard it unlock and slowly open by itself. That set her on edge. On the other hand, I love it!

Under our library isn’t just books or is it?  Some people still believe there is a morgue still under our school library.  I can not be 100% sure but who really knows for sure? There are many stories and facts going around since its closing.  But how would you feel if there really was a morgue under your library?  Would you go down there for an adventure?

My favorite spot on campus is the five minute hike to the top of a hill where the famous well from “The Ring” can be found. You can see in the above picture the well on the hill. Up on that hill you over look  the campus and the fields. It gives you that horror serial killer feeling, like someone is lurking around the corner. Maybe it is Boulder Dan…the escaped patient who would scream and throw rocks at people…but that is just a legend (maybe).


CSU Channel Islands, beautiful at day, and a story at night. Dare to wander the grounds where the insane once walked?