The Hidden & Creepy Coffin Hunt is coming!

To celebrate Halloween, CreepyLA is teaming up with Hidden LA to dare our readers to escape their comfort zones and explore our sometimes spooky city with the first ever Los Angeles Coffin Hunt.

Beginning next Thursday, October 13th, the clues to the locations of thirteen coffins hidden across Los Angeles will be unveiled. The coffins may be found almost anywhere, from public parks, to inside shops, to the occasional cemetery.

Once a day, for thirteen days, HiddenLA will post a link to a map, clue, or other details to help willing grave robbers find one of the tiny caskets. Some hints will benefit those with encyclopedic knowledge of L.A. history, while others will require skills to solve a challenge at the revealed location.

Each successful grave robber will be rewarded with a collectible coffin and other prizes.¬†Each coffin is decorated by one of L.A.’s best street artists among the crew working with The Site Unscene. Inside, the coffins will have an spooky themed vial of aromatic oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, and to help ensure you survive a post-October hangover, a free ticket to the Comikaze Expo the weekend of November 5 & 6.

Select coffins will have surprises including treats from Haunted Play: Delusion, Mixo Monsters, Vampire Lounge, and the long deceased, but recently active William Castle.

Want to participate in the Coffin Hunt? There are no age requirements and no entry forms to fill out. Simply follow the Facebook pages for Hidden LA and Creepy LA to stay up to date with clues and other hints, and be ready to run out the door at a moments notice.

Coffin hunting tips

  • The coffin will not materialize until we post a link to a clue on Hidden LA’s Facebook page. While other hints may be leaked early, there is no reason to begin looking until we announce the clue.
  • Unless clearly specified, coffins will be hidden in publicly accessible spots.
  • Bring a digital camera (or cell phone with camera) on your hunt – to obtain the featured prizes we’ll need proof that you found the coffin at the location.

Finally, if you’d like to partner with the Coffin Hunt as a prize contributor or other type of sponsor, send an email to creepyla at gmail dot com.

Best of luck, budding grave robbers!