Coffin Hunt #1: L.A.’s most ubiquitous ghost

Today's coffin.

Find today’s coffin, and you’ll be treated to a four pack of passes to Haunted Play: Delusion (opening next weekend), sure to scare the pants off of you. Each coffin also has inside a scented oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a free ticket to the Comikaze Expo, and a Kooky Can from Mixo.

Now for that clue…

UPDATE: Today’s coffin was found within 30 minutes! For the location and winner, scroll down below…

There’s more than one way to spell “chic,” which also happens to be the nickname for L.A.’s most ubiquitous ghost (phonically anyway).

There are many tributes and alleged haunts of his in the Los Angeles area, and this coffin is at one of them.

This isn’t inside a mausoleum, or at his former estate, though. In fact, it isn’t inside at all.

You’ll find this coffin hidden right beside one of the two sculpted pieces on this public pocket of land.


Scroll down for the answer below…

Chris and Tony posing with the coffin immediately after finding it.

Chris Tonick (left) is the first successful grave robber in the Coffin Hunt. He credits Tony Damjanov (right) with helping him find the coffin which was located next to the monument to Rudolph Valentino in Hollywood’s DeLongpre Park.