Boney Island WOWS the kids!

After a 3 year hiatus (  due to what I imagine was the result of some crabby neighbors ) , this popular yard haunt is back and is better then ever!  On their website, the owners display a sign that says ” During their break, the skeletons at Boney Island decided to take up magic. Now after three long years, they want to put on a show for you…. don’t expect much”. The “don’t expect much’ is what I imagined they wanted to use to imply that the haunt was not going to be not as great as it once was, especially since they auctioned off most of the props after what they probably thought was they’re last year.  But fret not! Boney Island is back and kicking butt! Kids will flip their brains over this little yard haunt. From skeleton psychic readings, anamatronic singing bushes, to the very impressive World of Color-Esq water show that’s conducted by a life size magic skeleton – this will have the little ones talking for days. Being an adult I loved it as well, it’s just so darn cute! Oh and did I mention it’s free! Make sure to check out Boney Island now through Halloween.

P.S. When I can afford it, can the owners of Boney Island please install that magnificent pumpkin tree house at my future abode? AMAZING!

Hours Of Operation :

Sun- Thurs : 6pm- 9pm

Fri & Sat: 6pm –10pm