Bugbaby, Bugbaby, Give Me Your Claw: Horror-Comedy Short Gives You Something to Remember

“Bugbaby” is a 2010 short film produced by the folks behind Visceral Productions and it’s a horrifying hoot — the freaky little flick tells the tale of a young couple, John and Marsha (Jared Martzell and Lara Fisher) who might just need to adopt out their little six-week-old bundle of joy.

John and Mary, proud parents in "Bugbaby"

When the state sends out its Protective Services lady, who else could it be but cult film grand dame Mink Stole (as Mrs. Tottifot)? Things go from bad to gruesome as the 1950s-perfect young mom and dad have to explain a few of the facts of death to the persnickety public servant.

A surprise for Mrs. Tottifot in "Bugbaby"

The funny, frothy script by Dan Spurgeon keeps things moving at a lively pace, and Rebecca Lorenne Doppelt’s direction is appropriately cartoon-sitcom absurd. “Bugbaby” stays long enough to make its grisly but funny jokes and then buzzes off into the back of our minds, and it’s worth seeing for a good chuckle. See more about the happy home with the insectoid infant at www.bugbabymovie.com.