Coffin Creek

Coffin Creek  incudes a haunted hayride, a “dark market” and “haunted midway” catering to fans of the macabre, and four mazes, including the legendary Chambers of the Mausoleum and the new Labyinth of Lost Relics.


  • Labyrinth of Lost Relics – The Labyrinth Of Lost Relics is a journey through a portal into an unknown realm with adventure around every turn! Your group along with their Tour Guide will have to navigate their way through traps, caves, and underground dwellings to get out of the labyrinth before becoming trapped forever!!!
  • Chambers of the Mausoleum – Beneath the streets and homes of Corona lies a network of tunnels and catacombs which were once used by the cloaked members of a secret religious sect for some unknown purpose. The darkness that dwells below has been clawing its way to the surface and will soon break through to roam the once hallowed grounds of the Riverview Cemetary in the month of October. Come explore the hidden crypts and forbidden passageways, if you dare, and wind your way through the dark to learn the secret that lies at the heart of the Chambers of the Mausoleum.
  • Lone Hill Manor
  • Scarecrow Trail
  • Shady Hollow Hayride

Theme Park Adventure has a fascinating video giving a peek inside the Labyrinth of Lost Relics. Even while under construction it looks amazing:


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Location: 14600 River Rd Corona, CA 92880

Dates: Friday and Saturday, October 5th thru 13th; Friday to Sunday, October 19th thru 21; Thursday to Sunday, Octover 25th thru 28th; and Tuesday and Wednesday, October 30th and 31st.

Ticket prices: $13 per maze, bundle discounts available.

Official site.