2012 Coffin Hunt #5 Clue: Toybox

The fifth coffin in the 2012 Coffin Hunt is designed by Jasmine Delgado – above, it’s the Day of the Dead themed one on the left. If you don’t happen to nab this coffin, no worries – the companion coffin on the right will be placed on eBay in the next few days. See below for additional photos of the coffins.

In addition to this coffin, the finder of today’s coffin will also receive two prizes:

-a pair of free passes to Friday night’s event being produced by Hidden LA and Creepy LA, Halloween at the Barn, hosted by Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours, with local ghost stories being told by Tom Ogden, Sarah Troop, Richard Carradine, and James Bartlett.

-a pair of passes to the Paranormal Activity 4 screening being held tomorrow, Thursday night at the AMC Burbank 16.

To claim these prizes, the winner needs to take a photo of themselves holding the coffin at the location.

If you don’t nab today’s coffin, we have a couple token prizes for the first few runners up. (And, of course, everyone wins because if they use the discount code BELIEVE they get $10 off each ticket to the Halloween at the Barn event… just for being loyal fans of Hidden LA and CreepyLA.)

As for today’s clue:

CreepyLA editor David Markland found something in his closet last year. Where hence it came from?


Tip: Keep an eye on CreepyLA and Hidden LA’s Facebook pages to know when the coffin has been nabbed, and for additional clues until the coffin is found.