"Halloween at the Barn" Cyber-Rush Tickets!

Here at CreepyLA, we understand that in this economy you’re very selective on where you spend your Halloween dollars. But we still want them.

So, in the grand tradition live entertainment, we’re rolling out a “rush ticket” or “pay what you can” slate of tickets for the “Halloween at the Barn” event we’re assembling Friday night.

First – let me tell you about the event:

“Halloween at the Barn” is an evening of local  Hollywood ghost stories as told by paranormal experts inside the Hollywood Heritage Museum at the Lasky-DeMille Barn, L.A.’s earliest movie studio.

Hosted by Scott Michaels, owner/operator of Dearly Departed Tours, the event will include the results of the first ever paranormal investigation held at this historic location to answer the question: is the Barn haunted?

Featured presenters are Tom Ogden, author of “Haunted Hollywood” who will discuss ghost stories from The Magic Castle; paranormal researcher Sarah Troop with supernatural legends of the Knickerbocker Hotel; journalist James Bartlett discussing some of Hollywood’s most haunted restaurants, as he discovered while writing his most recent book, “Gourmet Ghosts”; and tales of residential hauntings and other odd sightings in Laurel Canyon by Richard Carradine from the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles.

We will also have a photobooth, vintage horror shorts, and other creepy fun. But mostly, we’re hoping people leave to go home and have nightmares.

There are only a small handful of any of these tickets, so we really do encourage you to only take advantage of this if you can’t afford our regularly priced admission ($15 when you use the discount code BELIEVE).

For the sake of full transparency, 50% of ticket sales go to Hollywood Heritage to maintain the Lasky-DeMille Barn as their museum and other local preservation efforts. The other 50% covers the light overhead at CreepyLA and HiddenLA to put on this event and others.

So please, choose wisely and really, pay what you can… but regardless, if ghosts are your thing, we really want you there.

  • $2.50 tickets (for the starving, out of work student) SOLD OUT!
  • $5.00 tickets (for the hungry writer or person with two jobs) SOLD OUT!
  • $5.00 tickets 7pm program only
  • $7.50 tickets (for the parents who are leaving their kids with a suspicicious nanny they booked with a GroupOn deal to afford a date night)
  • $10 tickets (for those uncomfortable with buying tickets in odd numbered dollar amounts, like $15)

Please help spread the word, and we look forward to seeing you Friday night at the Barn!