2012 Coffin Hunt #11 Clue: Griddle me this…

The eleventh coffin in the 2012 Coffin Hunt is designed by Julianna Parr, creator/editor of Gothtober, an online advent calendar for Halloween. The one you’ll be searching for today is on the left, with a handmolded Day of the Dead style skull inside. If you don’t happen to nab this coffin, the one on the right (with a handcrafted Nosferatu head) will be hitting eBay on Thursday. Both feature a clear window to see the contents, and a battery operated light to make sure it glows from the inside.

Today’s winning coffin hunter will also receive two tickets to Sunday’s special effects makeup class at Makerspace Los Angeles:

Participants will learn hands-on the classic forms of makeup special effects from the makeup supervisor of LEPRECHAUN and other films including Godzilla, Brain Dead and Darkman. Gabe is also a gifted teacher and visual artist who has collaborated with Matthew Barney and Tony Clifton.
Participants will get experience by learning the subtleties and importance of shading and highlighting in creating the perfect skull. From there, Gabe will move onto helping participants create mummies, zombies and their own blood.

Runners up who show up and take a photo of themselves proving they were there will also get a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s screening of They Live at Heritage Square!!

Remember: to get the prizes, winners need to send us a photo of themselves with the coffin (if they found it first) or at the location, and either upload to HiddenLA or CreepyLA or email to creepyla at gmail dot com.

Get digging!

As for today’s clue:

Less than a mile’s walk from 3rd and Fairfax, where the old Queen ate.

Tip:┬áKeep an eye on CreepyLA and Hidden LA’s Facebook pages to know when the coffin has been nabbed, and for additional clues until the coffin is found.