Virtual reality scares coming to Knott’s Scary Farm

Hollow Studios, an immersive-based media production company, announces the opening of FEARVR: 5150, a 4D virtual reality horror experience debuting during the Halloween 2016 season at three Cedar Fair Entertainment locations:

  • Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA (Knott’s Scary Farm),
  • Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario, Canada (Halloween Haunt)
  • California’s Great America, Santa Clara, CA (Halloween Haunt)

It is planned that each of the three parks will offer their own version of real-life scare elements for FEARVR: 5150, creating variety between each venue. The usual tricks that come with the VR territory include being grazed with a feather, actors touching guests in synch with the action or other sensory elements such as heat, water, smells or movement.


Photo © Cedar Fair

A first for Cedar Fair,  the new experience explores the spooky element to the VR realm that theme parks around the country have jumped onto as of late. Recently Universal Orland Resort announced “The Repository” a $50 upcharge attraction to the popular Halloween Horror Nights event. Earlier this year Six Flags installed a number of alternate Virtual Reality headset options to their existing coasters to add a totally new storyline and visual experience.


This groundbreaking 4D immersive experience is guaranteed to up the fright factor as guests find themselves trapped inside a real horror movie! Greeted by ominous nurses at the Meadowbrook Institute, visitors become the latest occupants inside the mysterious facility. Once checked-in, the new patients are warned of a dangerous, telekinetic female inmate known as “Katie,” who has just gone missing. Strapped to a specialized wheelchair, patients’ senses are bombarded while the facility walls unravel with horrific evil (FEARVR: 5150 requires an additional fee and is not included in Fright Lane or Skeleton Key). Cedar Fair has not disclosed the amount of the upcharge for the experience just yet.

Using Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, the same technology used in Six Flags’ VR overlay of The New Revolution,  the FEARVR: 5150 high level production quality creates a terrifying three dimensional, fully encompassing, blend between true reality and the claustrophobic entrapment of virtual reality.
The entire production and presentation of FEARVR: 5150 was a collaboration and partnership between Cedar Fair and Hollow Studios. Outside the virtual reality component of FEARVR: 5150, all the 4D effects and thematic theatrical practical settings were designed by Knott’s Berry Farm’s Jon Cooke and produced by technicians and artists from Knott’s Berry Farm.


FearVR: 5150 was directed by Knotts Scary Farm Haunt alumni Ted Dougherty, who for nearly 20-years has worked as an expert in both the haunted attraction and Halloween theme park industries as a writer, actor, producer and creative director. The virtual reality media was produced in-house by Hollow Studios’ Chief Creative Executive, David Love and Ted Dougherty. Both worked closely throughout the process with Art Director for the project, Jon Cooke (Infected, Paranormal Inc. Shadow Lands). All virtual reality film set decorations, specialized properties, make-up and lighting were provided by several skilled artists and technicians from Knott’s Berry Farm. Stitching, visual effects, editing and post effects were completed by Hollow Studios.

While an impressive feat, Brady MacDonald from the Los Angeles Times had a chance to preview the VR experience and wrote “…I wanted more. Being strapped in a wheelchair isn’t the same as walking through a physical environment, even though special effects help simulate movement.”

MacDonald also noted the efficacy in using virtual reality technology by noting, “VR haunted mazes are the logical next step for Cedar Fair and other theme park chains. The flexible nature of the virtual attractions allows parks to adjust each individual experience from extremely gory to family-friendly, and change from one story to another with the flip of a switch.”

That begs the question; Does this flexibility come at the expense of guest experience? Time will tell. Regardless of any possible issues, the fact is that Cedar Fair is unafraid to push the boundaries of fear and technology. That is a good thing. We can’t wait to see what Katie has in store for us when we check in to the asylum as Knott’s Scary Farm kicks off its 2016 season on Thursday September 22nd.


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