Interactive Theater Experience, SANCTION, Coming to LA this November

With the success of immersive theater and experiences, it’s no wonder why the popularity of these events keeps growing.  As October creeps in, we are filled to the brim with haunts all throughout the country, but something we are definitely excited to see is the rise of these interactive events that grabs the viewer and places them right in the thick of things.  One of the newest ones to come out of LA isn’t necessarily horror based, but more centered around science fiction and a phase of the future, called SANCTION.

SANCTION, as the website proclaims, will be performing ‘Phase One” this November/December. The site informs guests that science is changing and so are we and we are expected to be moved and touched physically and emotionally.  The story starts with a woman holding our hand.  She sits us down and begins to whisper in our ear, “The time has come for you to change into the new you.  I’m so happy you said yes.  I knew you would.” Sanction promises to show us the future of people as long as we take their hand and step into a new universe.  All they wish for us is to make us more like them…

Tickets and dates of first performances will be coming soon as well as additional information. SANCTION is created by horror genre director, Mary C. Russell (who is also an amazing contributor to Nightmarish Conjurings) and it makes me personally so happy to see her creation come to life.  In the mean time, as we wait for more information, make sure to check out their website and visit them on social media on FACEBOOK.