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2018 Review Hidden Treasures at Reign of Terror Haunted House

REIGN OF TERROR is simply the most intense and fully immersive haunt in the LA area. Now, at a mind-blowing 105 rooms, this massive haunt features EIGHT interconnected attractions. THE HAUNTED HOUSE, THE ASYLUM, INFECTED, MINER’S REVENGE, FUN HOUSE, QUARANTINE, and CASA BLOOD have been joined by a new attraction called […] Read more

2018 Review Scary Surprises (and Spoilers) at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

The Queen Mary’s 2018 Dark Harbor is a terrifying triumph with a killer lineup of reinvented mazes and mysterious themed bars. Four of the bars are cleverly hidden speakeasies that you can only enter by obtaining a special wooden token and then handing it over at the secret bar entrance. […] Read more

2018 Review Mall Mania at Horrorworld

Larry Bones knows how to pick a ghostly location. In 2017, Larry brought the Boneyard Effects flagship maze INTO THE BLACK to the Pomona fairgrounds. It was my favorite maze of the season. Forcing guests to walk alone through the Black House in near total darkness was bone-chilling. Exiting the […] Read more

2018 Review Deep Dark Terror at Knott’s Scary Farm

Knott’s 46th season stays ahead of the pack with the most terrifying mazes and mysterious scare zones of any SoCal haunt. Bringing back the best of 2017, this Halloween haunt veteran turns up the terror with two all-new mazes to keep your pulse pounding. THE DEPTHS (new) is a claustrophobic […] Read more

2017 Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Review

Arriving at Dark Harbor, the stately ship’s smokestacks rising up along the shoreline provide a stunning backdrop to the freaky festivities. On media night, the landlocked mazes were a bit green around the gills, but the close quarters of the shipboard mazes shivered my timbers. NEW for 2017 FEAST cooks up […] Read more

2017 Knott’s Scary Farm Review

Wow. Universal had a target on their back and Knott’s just came out of the shadows and blew them away. This year, Knott’s Scary Farm is simply the best they’ve ever been. As the oldest theme park haunt in LA, Knott’s is known for a fun Halloween carnival feel. For […] Read more

2017 Review Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest

Fright Fest 2017 will get your pulse racing! I started my night at CLUB 6-FEET UNDER, a new pop-up bar, at the far side of the park. As I sipped a sinister cocktail, a DJ spun Halloween party tunes like Monster Mash and 80s pop songs. On Saturdays in October, this […] Read more