Creepy Questions for Victoria Lane

Hex, the uber performance-Goth-fetish-dark-arts club night, would like to tap into a side of you, Los Angeles, that you may feel is best left dormant. But what’s the Boschian fun in that? Victoria Lane, an actress who grew up on Hollywood glamour, lavish musical movies and theater productions, is the talent coordinator for the mega Hex Halloween event at the Avalon this year and she calmly lets it be known that she will be taking no prisoners and pulling no leather-gloved punches. She and Xian Vox (the founder of Hex) want to torment you with an evening’s worth of roiling, over-the-top, jaw-dropping spectacle. Says Ms. Lane, quietly, “My aesthetic has always been on the darker side.”

I hear Hex Halloween is growing this year. What’s in store?

Victoria: This year we are taking over the Avalon, including Honey (which will serve dinner) and the Spider Club. There will be subculture art celebrities mingling there – Prince Poppycock, the Vampire Don and Perish, [to name a few] – with incredible visual performances on the main stage throughout the night.

[There will be] Butoh, burlesque, go-go girls in showers of blood, an operatic solo performance, dark magicians, a tango and so on. It all culminates in a once-in-a-lifetime body modification opera performed by CoRE and AMF.

Wow, I don’t know what to ask about first. Butoh is really amazing to watch and I love tango too. But a body modification opera seems to be what I’m stuck on. Explain.

Victoria: It’s not for the faint of heart. It refers to pierce play and suspensions through pierced flesh. If you want to be blown out of your socks in the one time of year when it’s expected, you won’t find anything anywhere in Hollywood half as breathtaking and authentic. The blood is all real.

Ouch! It sounds like a closely-knit scene. How did you get involved?

Victoria: You’d have to ask Xian Vox why she asked me to work with her but I suspect it had to do with the work I did on Taking The Jesus Pill. We premiered a few of the dance routines in an annotated version of that show at Hex 6/6/06. A couple of months later, I received a call from her asking if I’d like to coordinate the talent for Hex Halloween 2006.

The fact that I was asked back this year as Hex moves to the Avalon is my inner little
girl’s dream come true. I’ve even created a performance group named Babylon Blacklist that will continue on from this point creating more unique nightlife theatrical performances and atmospheric magic.

Between acting, modeling, performance art, burlesque, staging events and writing, you seem to be the busiest person on the planet this Halloween. Any plans for November 1st?

Victoria: Absolutely! I plan to remain in my pink robe and do nothing at all. If I’m awake before noon, it’ll be a miracle. And, hopefully, I’ll be the happiest little retro vixen in Hollywood with a wonderful memory to cherish.

Photo by Devin Phillips